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Untapping latent potential by nurturing a supportive, empowering culture 
"Change your thoughts and change your world." Norman Vincent Peale 
Through our assess, advise and activate approach, we create bespoke pathways to grow people, unlock their potential to allow them to bring their whole selves to work so they can be and give their best. 

Here's what we did to grow people at Slingsby Gin 

We assessed each individual using our PERMAH wellbeing survey. 
Collaboratively, we chose a wellbeing day at our retreat. 
We activated these learning and wellbeing modules. 
Tea Ritual and relaxation 
Understanding Wellbeing 
Sound Healing 
Lunch & Relaxation 
Gratitude and Journaling 


Developing responsible, authentic leaders who help people to thrive 
“Leadership is about listening to the whole better than anyone can” Professor Otto Scharmer 
Through our assess, advise and activate approach, we create bespoke pathways to grow authentic leaders. 
Leading is a privilege not a right. We equip leaders with the skills and confidence to put the wellbeing of their people first and take responsibility for those they serve. Leaders do the right thing on difficult days, we help leaders create inclusive workplaces and model the behaviours they wish to see. 

Here's what we did to grow leaders at NHS England 

A climate assessment was completed which highlighted the needs for leaders to develop coaching and mentoring skills. 
Collaboratively, it was decided to embed a six module blended coaching for leaders programme. 
Developing coaches. 


Laying wellbeing and culture as the foundations on which success is built. 

“Imagine a world in which the vast majority of us wake up inspired, feel safe at work and return home fulfilled at the end of the day”. 
Simon Sinek 
Through our assess, advise and activate approach, we create bespoke pathways to grow psychologically safe, inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive and flourish. We help you to understand systems frameworks which makes the invisible, visible. We work with you to reveal the current climate, see pathways that can be disrupted to create positive change and guide you through the mess and the magic as you build a culture of positive inclusion, learning, collaboration and challenge. 

Here's what we did to grow organisations at Absolute Commercial Interiors 

The whole organisation was assessed with our workplace wellbeing survey. 
We collaboratively agreed on creating a wellbeing strategy. 
Every member of staff contributed. 
Discovering what wellbeing initiatives are working 
Mindful Meditation 
Creative wellbeing strategy ideas 
Sound Healing 
Lunch & Relaxation 
Developing a Positive Wellbeing strategy 


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