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Permah Workplace Wellbeing Survey 
As licenced practitioners of Dr’s Peggy Kern and Michelle McQuaid’s products, we are able to offer workplace survey's to map wellbeing at the individual, team and organisational level. Each person receives a personalised wellbeing report and we have a number of interventions to support teams and cultures to flourish. 
PERMAH pillars 
360 feedforward tool 
When we feedback, we focus on rating and judging past performance, when we feedforward we focus on peoples future growth and development. Gaining a rich picture of independent feedforward data is vital to the process. We create bespoke 360 questionnaires to gain peer data that can support positive change. 
Psychometric Profiling 
As licenced practitioners of the unique profiling tools of TMSDI we can offer both the Team Management Profile and the window on work values. 
The team management profile, evaluates, work preferences, how we relate to others, how we gather and use information, how we prefer to make decisions and how we organise ourselves. It provides a rich picture of individual performance, team performance and culture. 
Window on work values, evaluates personal values which creates a deep conversation on how our values affect our behaviour and their impact on the workplace. 
Climate Assessment 
Using systems sensing along with a questionnaire, we are able to gain the following data outcomes. 
Driven by purpose 
Concentrated on strengths 
Led by inclusive and meaningful conversations 
Powered by opportunities for purposeful self-organisation 
Sustained by people’s willing commitment 
Too often, people hear about a past they can't control, not a future they can. 
- Joe Hirsch 


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