Building Companies That (Really) Care 

Building Companies That (Really) Care 

Who We Are 

Outstanding results are driven by empowered leaders and happy employees. 
Here at Growth Pod, we help both people and businesses to thrive. With specialist coaching and expert-led training, we get to know the intricacies of your business, focusing on engagement and wellbeing to drive growth and productivity. 
By taking a deep dive into your organisation, we’re able to empower your teams with insightful recommendations, plans and strategies towards your company’s future success. Utilising our expert resources, skillsets and experience, we’ll help you to build, develop and embed a positive workplace culture. 
From inclusion and well-being training to leadership development programs, our methods are designed to serve everyone within your business – crafting a strong, unified company culture. 

Why We’re Here 

We are striving to build workplaces fit for our modern world. With jobseekers searching for more and more employers who create an inclusive workplace culture, it’s important for business leaders to make a positive contribution to the world.  
When you use company resources to promote healthy behaviours, you’re investing in your most important asset – your employees. 

What We Do 

Build strong, motivated and high performing teams. 
Improve staff retention, enhance productivity and sustain high employee morale with Growth Pod. Utilising our depth of knowledge and experience, we deliver bespoke coaching and training designed to support the development of incredible workplaces. 

Our Values 

Our mission is to help you create outstanding results by focusing on your most powerful asset: your people. 
We innovate 
Times change, and so do we. We are constantly shaping the world around us with our ideas and creative thinking. 
We are bold 
With kind curiosity, we dare to question anything and everything while inspiring others to do the same - only then can we pursue innovation with purpose. 
We are inclusive 
We support and celebrate the power and innovation that arises when people embrace  
and leverage their differences. 
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