Who We Are 

Our Mission. 
Our mission is to help businesses create outstanding results by focusing on their most powerful assets: their people.  
With specialist coaching and training delivered by our experienced team, we help organisations to grow, succeed and elevate in all areas to achieve maximum success. 
From inclusions and well-being training to leadership development programs, our methods are designed to serve everyone within your business – crafting a positive, productive company culture. 

Meet Our People... 

Chris Gibson MBE 

A Former Lieutenant Colonel and defence medical directorate, our Director of Strategy Chris Gibson MBE has swathes of experience to support and reinforce his role. 
Having spent 18 months in Beirut attempting to gain the release of Terry Waite, alongside 12 months in Sarajevo charged with the capture and arrest of indicted war criminals, Chris is well versed when it comes to leadership and the power of a dedicated team. 
From protecting world leaders to leading the development and delivery of new training models, Chris was honoured with an MBE as a thank you for his incredible service. 


Chris takes inspiration from his military background to benefit leaders, teams and individuals within various enterprises from public and private sectors to elite sports. 
Utilising his depth of knowledge and extensive experience, Chris helps businesses to thrive through the development of empowered leaders and happy employees. 

Emma Coller 

In her previous role as a police officer, Emma specialised in leadership, development and diversity training, before becoming Director of Learning and Development here at Growth Pod. 
She actively shaped the landscape of community policing through the advancement of fresh, innovative training solutions designed to support the evolution of collaborative community partnerships. Having crafted many leadership, diversity and inclusion programmes, Emma recognised the importance of specialist training to facilitate positive change, igniting a passion for her future career in coaching. 


After retiring with numerous personal commendations, Emma moved towards the study of positive psychology, behavioural and neuroscience, which is underpinned by her qualifications in education and social sciences. Emma has also studied with one of the world leading authorities on positive change and teaches this to others as well as using it to positively shape cultural change. 
Here at Growth Pod, she utilises her vast experience and tailored knowledge to develop effective training and coaching programmes which support leadership, inclusion, personal development and wellbeing. 

Our Values 

We innovate - Times change, and so do we. We are constantly shaping the world around us with our ideas and creative thinking. 
We are bold - With kind curiosity, we dare to question anything and everything while inspiring others to do the same - because only then can we pursue innovation with purpose. 
We are inclusive - We support and celebrate the power and innovation that arises when people embrace and leverage their differences. 
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