Why We're Here 

Making a positive contribution to the world. 
When considering why we’re here: amid mass disruption on a global level, the complexity of leading through an uncertain, ambiguous and challenging world, the rise of the great resignation culture, the upsurge in quiet quitting and a significant shift in how we work, we’ve recognised that many of the old ways of working are simply not fit for purpose. 
This new era requires a new approach. And we are striving to build workplaces fit for now. 

Promoting an inclusive workplace culture 

Research shows that jobseekers are searching for employers who create an inclusive workplace culture, care for their personal wellbeing, provide flexible development opportunities, are purpose-driven and make a positive contribution to the world. 
Putting this front and centre of companies makes them attractive and when those elements are authentically embedded, people want to stay. 
Improve staff retention, enhance productivity and sustain high employee morale with Growth Pod. 

Promoting Wellness 

Workplace wellness has never been more important, with work-related stress manifesting in physical symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue, and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression. When you use company resources to promote healthy behaviours, you’re investing in your most important asset – your employees. 
Improve employee retention, enhance productivity and sustain high employee morale with a more nuanced investment into workplace wellness. 

Empowering Leaders 

Empowered leaders are the key to outstanding companies. When considering the traits that enhance our leaders, empowerment increases employee engagement and leads to improved performance and company success. 
The most successful businesses empower their leadership for the long term, creating an environment that supports and encourages personal growth and a positive work culture. We use our vast expertise and depth of knowledge to develop empowered leaders, thriving businesses and motivated employees. 
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